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A collection of conversations with artists and creative practioners about specific topics. Published every week on our website and SoundCloud. 


What's this week's podcast about? 

This week we’re talking about the nature of ‘care’. The episode focuses primarily on how artists can practice self-care, whilst still caring for others during the global pandemic. 

Our host Lucy Wright, will be joined by three artists to discuss this week's theme, featuring; Lady Kitt, Amelia Hawk and David Robinson

Meet the artists: 

Lady Kitt

"I am a socially engaged maker, researcher and drag king. My practice is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the social functions of the stuff that gets called art. I use paper crafting, performance and research to create objects, interactions and events."

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Social Practice Surgery.

"Previous projects have included: super-sized origami boat races and creation of an international feminist art magazine for and by children. I’m currently working on care-filled / care focussed project 'Social Practice Surgery' with artist Dan Russel, supported by Axisweb through their R&D Award."

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Amelia Hawk 

"Amelia Hawk is an artist based in Birmingham with a studio at Grand Union. She created work in respond to socio- political contexts by developing performance-installation, video, publications and clothing. Her process often begins with interviewing people in vulnerable conditions about their lived experiences, such as JobCentre users or members of the homeless population."

Web The War Room Amelia Beavis Harrison 2018 Photos Istvan Virag 6

The War Room,2018. Photo credit: Amelia Beavis Harrison

"She has recently started the podcast Otherwise Silent to make these interviews public. The initial series touched on subjects ranging from mental health to homelessness. Amelia has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally with significant exhibitions in Interkulturelet Museum, Oslo; Tenthaus, Oslo; Luda, St Petersburg; Floodlight Foundation, Delhi; National Gallery, Prague. She have also had significant commissions with Munch Museum and Festival of Northern Norway, and recently collaborated on the cross disciplinary performance This is an Island?, touring to The Barbican & The Sage."

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David Robinson

"My artwork focuses on people and the places where we live and work. I split my time between painting, drawing and printmaking. When not in the studio, I take my sketchbook out and jot down anything that I spot of interest on my travels: gestures, movement, how people interact."

Lino Prints In Progress 1

Lino Prints in Progress 1

"In 2018 I was admitted to the Great Western Hospital in Swindon following a severe bleed. I was moved by the kindness and professionalism of all those who cared for me - from paramedics, nurses and doctors to healthcare assistants, porters and cleaners. My current work is a small tribute to say thank you to them all."

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