Sunday Sounds

A collection of sound art, music, podcasts, readings, performances and conversations from our Members, published every Sunday evening at 6pm.


We know that many of you (like us!) may be struggling to balance the desire to stay occupied with serious levels of screen fatigue. In these uncertain times it’s often hard to turn away from our computers, televisions, phones and the continual stream of social media posts and news reports. In response, we’ve created Sunday Sounds, a collection of sound art, music, podcasts, readings, performances and conversations from our Members which will be published every Sunday evening at 6pm. #SundaySounds

Kin (Cultura Plasmic INC): An Inward Outlook - Radiophrenia

Addressing how social isolation is perhaps increasing in a paradoxically networked society whilst climate change highlights a global connection of environmental responsibility to one another, artist Kin (Cultura Plasmic INC) writes and produces: ‘An Inward Outlook: loneliness and the weather’.

Questioning our role in models that foster loneliness and disconnect, Kin looks at the role of choice, agency and the difference between loneliness and solitude in a discussion with artist and curator Aidan Moesby. Exploring a shared interest in how digital technology mediates social interactions and our changing relationship with nature, they discuss the physical experience of emotion and how similarly physical experiences of the weather can provide a starting point for connection.

AJ Stockwell: in the midst of her elemental composition

In the Western Isles of Scotland, a narrative of entangled bodies unfolds.

Exploring the interconnections between the human and the lithic, ‘in the midst of her elemental composition’, considers the artist’s own geologic heritage, calling on different voices to articulate this relationship with the more-than-human world. 

Originally presented as part of a live event for the Jerwood Staging Series 2019, here the audio has been extracted and reworked, inviting the listener to slip into this dislocated space from home.

What is woke, is rap beef relevant and is Africa Hip Hop’s future? | I Am Hip Hop Podcast

The I Am Hip Hop team, Maya Elese, Apex Zero, Sire, Poet + Dani Bliss discuss what it is to be 'woke', whether rap 'beef' is relevant and Africa's role in shaping the future of Hip-Hop and music in general. Join the I Am Hip Hop Magazine team for our ‘all things Hip Hop with a mix of uneasy truths and a whole lot of knowledge’ podcast. From discussing the latest releases in urban music to debating political issues such as the #Grime4Corbyn campaign + sexism in the music industry. You can always expect the perfect mix of banter, realness, and knowledge.

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Benjamin Rostance: I Have The Tools

'I Have The Tools' is a fine art performance soundscape created by midlands based, working-class artist Benjamin Rostance. The album charts the turbulent aftermath and then re-growth of the artist after a major mental health breakdown, not only from his perspective but also from the perspective of his wife also. This album is about healing and coping mechanisms and was generated using only the artist’s vocals and a loop pedal, the artist has no formal training on singing and uses his vocal range as a raw method of communication. The process of harmonizing with layers of emotive vocals expands on the idea of attempting to find a space of equilibrium that offers some form of personal safety and peace.

Mark Parry: The Sea and the Moon

A collage of voices describe how the sea and the moon affect us and our lives through stories, anecdotes, poems, feelings and reflections, offered up from widely differing perspectives they reveal how we are connected to the rhythms of the world around us and each other.

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