Let’s Get Phygital:

Blended Participation Callout 2022


Calling artists interested in exploring how social engagement can happen simultaneously in blended physical and digital spaces.

Are you an artist interested in testing new approaches to working with people and technology? Are you looking to address digital poverty, online exclusion, AI racism, or any other topics that relate to accessibility, social equity and digital spaces? Maybe you want to think outside the box about how to use digital devices to facilitate collaboration in group settings?

Axis is offering 5 artists £1000 each to explore new ways of collaborative art making in a blended online and in person way. This can be an event, a workshop, a DIY making space, a community intervention, or any other idea that invites people to engage in art and technology in an accessible and meaningful way to understand: What are new ways of working together that combine the best of being in person and online? Moving into a post-pandemic future we want to help artists think of innovative ways of working that use some of the digital tools we have become accustomed to and increased accessibility for those homebound, with the need to reconnect in person and create live participatory work. How can we address both these aspects creatively?

How to apply

Applications welcome from creative practitioners interested in blurring the line between working with participants in real life and online, and with experience working collaboratively with community members and non-artists.

Applications are accepted in a variety of formats and should include:

  • Links to a portfolio, social media and/or artist website
  • Information about your current project / proposed idea about how you would approach a phygital participatory process?
  • Who do you intend to work with and how?
  • What technology do you expect to use?

Closing date: Sunday 22nd May 2022 midnight

Please begin your submission process here. For accessibility applications are accepted in a range of formats including audio recording, video and in writing.

Let’s Get Phygital FAQ’s

What is the timeline of delivery?

  • Closing date for applying: Sunday 22nd May
  • Selected artists announced: Friday 3rd June
  • Project delivery window: June to September 2022
  • £1,000 commission award is inclusive of artist fee and expenses.
  • Accessibility needs can be arranged in addition to this award.

What is expected of me?

This commission is for artists interested in and experienced in working with participants and with basic digital technology. You will be using your creative artistic medium to create a work that integrates people both online and in person simultaneously. Your art making will be central and this is about blended making, not about streaming a workshop or a class. Think creatively! Applications are welcome that are part of a larger project delivery.

Who is the supporting team?

You will be directly supported by the Creative Producer, R.M. Sánchez-Camus, Digital Mentor John Whall, and Coordinator Daniela Liberati. You will also have marketing support from the Axis team and you will be expected to produce basic marketing material. You will report to an evaluator at the end of your project to feedback the learnings.

What’s the point?

After this period of lockdowns and moves to working online artists are slowly exploring working in person again. How can we maintain some of the benefits of working online with the energy of the live workshop space? We want to learn how to best support artists and the people they work with to face the future with basic technologies at hand.

How does recruitment of participants work?

Artists applying are expected to already have pre-established connections with participants who could take part. Recruitment of participants is not expected of this commission unless there is a clear outline of how this is possible within the budget. Participants do not have to have any knowledge of digital technology to participate, the artist will lead on this.

How do you select the artists?

Selection criteria include:

  1. Feasibility: How much does ambition match practicalities? What communities do they want to work with and are they already connected?
  2. Innovation: How strong is the project idea? Is blended art central to the work and unique?
  3. Phygital Focus: Does the proposal incorporate a blended model at its core? Does the applicant have knowledge of basic digital technology?
  4. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Does the proposal have an equitable level of participation? Does it address accessibility needs?
  5. Track Record: Do the artists have the experience to work independently and deliver the commissions?

You can listen to an audio version of this application below