In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our members that have a theme of 'Consumption'. 

Michael Walls, The Colour Picture Show, 2014-2015

Focusing on the formalisation of colour in regards to the supermarket and the television screen. The supermarket being composed with blocks of colour on the shelves, in corresponded to the television screen being united with the RGB colour system made up of Red, Green and Blue, composed with light in order to see colour.

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David Theobald, Kebab World, 2014

A brief portrait of late-night London reflected in the window of an East-end kebab shop. As a ‘synthetic meat’ donar kebabs seem an apt subject for a computer simulation. They are highly processed and a product of an often long and circuitous food chain (frequently a mixture of lamb, beef and chicken) – perhaps we all live in a ‘Kebab World’?

All visuals are computer generated and the sound track is created from a collage of field-recordings sourced from the internet. This is a titled and credited version for use in screenings - there is also a seamless looped version for use as an installation. 3D modelling and rendering was performed using Blender Cycles.

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Sarah Younan, Teatime, 2011-2012

Older work, when the little teapot reigned

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Elizabeth Wewiora, Allotment Diaries and Environmental Hubs, 2011-13

Environmental Hubs was a 2 year residency programme 2011-12, working across various allotment and urban gardening sites across the UK, supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England. The project looked to explore the hidden social and political infrastructure of allotment sites and the nuances of the communities which make up these microcosms of society. 

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