In this month's Playlist we present a selection of videos that explore Proximity. Featuring: Laura Cooper, Tom Ireland, Charli Clark and Rebecca Glover.

Laura Cooper, Silence of the Valkyries, 2017.


The camera and two people choreographically explore the interior and exterior sculptures and murals of Oslo’s Radhus (City Hall).

The work results from a collaboration between interdisciplinary artist Laura Cooper and dancer Edwin Cabascango,
developed during PRAKSIS’s month-long mucker mate residency in May-June 2016.


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ACTUALITY PICTURE / THE MAGIC LANTERN is a +4 hour, single channel HD video about film, space, time and distance. It comprises over 370,000 individual images of Saturn and it's ring system captured remotely by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.


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Charli Clark, Walrus Territorial Tusk Fighting, 2011.


Walrus's are creatures of great strength and power, we know this because we can watch them on a television screen or read about them in a book or online. Although we may be seemingly aware of the animal kingdom, our experience of it and how we understand it is distanced and stalled by the circumstances we live in. This work attempts to connect us with sights and scenes that regularly play out in nature, that are rarely seen by people in the flesh.

In 'Walrus territorial tusk fighting' a scene from a TV show has been recreated on the streets of London, in an attempt to enhance a passer-by's experience of, in this case a walrus tusk fight. In today's world it is sometimes hard to comprehend exactly how brutal and raw nature can be. We live in a cotton wool society where we are protected from everything, bar ourselves, where the way we fight does not depend on the strength of our bodies but rather the money in our countries accounts.


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Rebecca Glover, Behind Closed Eyes, 2013 - 2014.


Stills from a video work made following a residency at The Cairngorms National Park with The Bothy Project October 2013

Behind closed eyes is a video made with binaural sound - best experienced through headphones

Installation shot shows display system where the video is projected onto a glass sphere and the audio is played through an audio hood.


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