Rituals and Mysticism


In this month's Playlist we present a selection of videos that refer to 'Rituals and Mysticism'. Featuring Veronique Maria, Robert Foster, Matt Rowe & Brighid Black.

Veronique Maria, Making Space: Rituals in Fabrica, 2013


Video of and still images from Making Space: Rituals in Fabrica

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Robert Foster, Explaining Maths and Mysticism, 2014


Filmed whilst participating in the Old School Residency, Gorna Lipnisa, Bulgaria.

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Matt Rowe, Bad Omen, 2011


Bad Omen: - Customised Ghillie suit VHS Video tape, 2011

The deep black specular surface of Bad Omen consists entirely of VHS horror video tapes. Impregnated in to its very fabric are multi-layered tales of ultimate horror from a variety of occult films, including the omen box set.
Although the rise of bad omen is an entirely synthetic event, it remains symbolic of the enduring intrigue of the supernatural and fears of what might exist beyond the fringes of our known world.

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Brighid Black, The Hungry Ghosts, 2012

Moving image work in various formats which was developed during an AA2A residency at Teesside University October 2011-April 2012. The film was exhibited alongside print works, also made during the residency, in the exhibition 'Shadows' at the Constantine Gallery, Teesside University, Middlesborough.

The work explores the theme of violence deliberately submerged, but which refuses to be forgotten, and results from an examination of the Greek myth of the sacrifice of Iphigenia by her father, and its aftermath.

The resulting works evolved from research in the darkroom and print studio. It was important that photographic (mainly analogue) processes were used, referencing the history of the medium in criminal forensics.

The techniques and formats employed in the print and moving image works are intended to encourage consideration of how processes can obscure or reveal. The film is silent.

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