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29 May - 5 June 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Lisa O'Donnell, Josie Jenkins, Ehryn Torrell and Bridget Harvey

Finally Cape Cod, 2017 by Lisa O' Donnell

Finally Cape Cod

Oil on board, 30 x 22 cm, 2017

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Project Nepomuk, Czech Republic, 2017 by Josie Jenkins

Project Nepomuk, Czech Republic 

From 14th – 23rd June Josie will be visiting Prague and Klaster Studios in the Czech Republic as part of ‘Project Nepomuk', a cross-border cultural exchange. The project aims to start a collaboration towards the production of a newly written opera Nepomuk and art exhibition. The event is the start of a long term project between Liverpool and Nepomuk where Klaster Studios, a new cross-border cultural cooperation arts centre, is being established. You can read more about Klaster Studios and Project Nepomuk on the Klaster Studios website

While in the Czech Republic, Josie will be making work and sharing news on her blog Twitter profile and Facebook page.

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Myth, Magic or Matter of Fact, 2017 by Ehryn Torrell

Myth, Magic or Matter of Fact

Acrylic and Collage on Canvas. This is from a series of works on canvas created from torn fragments of 1977 British Vogue magazine. Content is glimpsed and continuously morphs and folds into itself across the surface. Black and white images feature prominently against hits of saturated colour. Found images are used as a starting point for improvisation, referencing printed matter and its history. The title of each work in the series has been taken from the front page of the issue they are based on, suggesting parallels between past and present day political issues.

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MEND MORE Jumper, 2017 by Bridget Harvey


MEND MORE Jumper - purple, acrylic, large, and textual - is part encouragement and part disparagement. Its stance is political: overt, visible, legible, unmistakeable. Made as a placard for the Climate March 2015 it had to stand out from the babble of the crowd.

Having tried to wear it I realised I couldn’t – its acrylic body makes me uncomfortable but suits its purpose; it dries fast in inclement weather. The yellow lettering is cut from fabric scraps dug out from my stash, hand-stitched, patched, appliqued, not hemmed, not glued. It reads Mend More Bin Less, Mend More Buy Less.

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