New Art Highlights

25 November - 1 December

New Art Highlights of the week includes Anna Morris, Miranda Boulton, Lucienne Cole and Lisa Pettibone

Moving Through, 2019 by Anna Morris

Anna Morris 

Oil and ink on card, 2019

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There Isn't Time, 2019 by Miranda Boulton

Miranda Boulton 

50 x 40cm, Oil on canvas

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RIBBON TIED IN LILAC, 2019 by Lucienne Cole

Lucienne Cole 

Short video clips film made up of phorographic stills, wearing screen-printed satin ribbons.

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The Weight of Memory, 2018 by Lisa Pettibone

Lisa Pettibone 

Through lived experience, we embody physical sensations such as gravity, that later emerge through language as metaphor. Thus a sad memory can be described as 'heavy'. Much of my work explores the extremes of heaviness and lightness through contrasting materials with an aim to create a visual language describing natural forces that surround us.

Glass was cast into a block then re-fired in the kiln to make it spread and bulge to the final size of 23 x 23 x 4cm. It was then digitally printed on the back with an image of myself and siblings, including a brother who died 6 months after the photo was taken. The black, stretchy fabric dramatically descends from a high wall and trapped on the floor by the glass object before spreading outwards. The fabric height is variable and could be extended.

Fabric, cast and printed glass. 150 x 300 x 90cm

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