New Art Highlights

27 May - 2 June 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Deborah Burnstone, Chris Reynolds, Iain Andrews and Miranda Boulton

Make a Wish, 2019 by Deborah Burnstone

Deborah Burnstone 

Video projection, handwritten wishes, textiles, embroidery, pearl buttons

Ritual wish-making is common to us all. Wishes float around us like invisible energy. For 'Make a wish' Deborah asked hundreds of people to write out a wish anonymously and cast it into a cloud with a silver lining. The wishes were beamed out in to the darkness at the Crypt Gallery in London. Visitors were also given the opportunity to share their own wishes. The project continues to grow.

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IRL, 2019 by Chris Reynolds

Chris Reynolds

This work is still very much following my theme around 'legacy'. In the computing world, legacy is a term used when referring to outdated software or obsolete systems. In this piece, I have used old handwritten postcards from journeys around the world. With the rise in social media, the use of postcards has seen a sharp decline, now we can make out travels appear more exciting and share our experiences with a wider audience. In comparison, the hundreds of handwritten postcards I have used, appear less glamorous and more humble, hence the acronym IRL.

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Prophet in the Wilderness (St. John), 2019 by Iain Andrews

Iain Andrews 

Acrylic and oil on canvas - 150 x 90cm

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Amaranth, 2019 by Miranda Boulton

Miranda Boulton

Oil on canvas, 2019
50cm x 40cm

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