New Art Highlights

24 February - 1 March 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Robert McCubbin, Johana Hartwig, Elizabeth Hindle and Rachel Gibson

Green and White: Point of Sale, 2020 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin

Mixed media assemblage constructed from card and aluminium with self adhesive signage vinyl.

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In His Heels, 2019 by Johana Hartwig

Johana Hartwig

Audio-visual work exploring recently discovered personal family histories connected with voice/song.

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Paper Man, 2020 by Elizabeth Hindle

Elizabeth Hindle 

Digital composition; 2019. Collaged from a vintage photograph of two boys on a cruise ship.

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hexenbesen # 2, 2020 by Rachel Gibson

Rachel Gibson 

This series of charcoal and pastel drawings reflect my involvement with the natural world. Here I am trying to 'draw the impossible'. This chaotic growth, a witches' broom, can be seen decorating our winter trees. It is part of it's host but has a form and life of it's own. It is something inexplicable and eerie attached to the tree.

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