Multiple sculptures of various sizes were made over a period of about four months using a combination of plaster, paper mache, newspaper, masking tape, acrylic paint and modelling clay. The background to these works began with an exploration into the role of cherished possessions, ornaments and objects and the hoarder's relationship with their stuff. The use of materials in the making of the sculptures reflects these concepts, the piling up of stuff, particularly newspaper and junk-mail coupled with the use of ornamental or domestic objects. The works explore the nature of objects and their function and the conjoining of subject and object, they are the mutations of this narrative or part of the process and like the hoard they represent a form of enchantment or crossing, a hybridity which produces '...that strange combination of delight and disturbance' Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter 2010 (preface xi)
The conjoining or hybrid nature of the sculptures gives rise to a new form or a new thing, an uncanny hybridity, a crossing which is neither one nor the other, not fixed, neither subject nor object so therefore creating new possibilities for the work.