Location: x-church, Gainsborough

Opening evening to Wealth Streams starting at 7pm Oct 14.

What: Exhibition Title: Wealth Streams
Who: WSDA CEO: Marc Renshaw
Where: Location: The Wealth Streams Development Agency, x-church Gainsborough
When: Exhibition Dates: 14 Oct - 31 Oct

Wealth Streams is a solo show by Marc Renshaw from his year long residency at x-church, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

The show references the town being granted money for levelling-up (Thriving Gainsborough 2024). An area of the town ranked in recent years as one of Britains most deprived.

‘I’m searching and dreaming for those elusive wealth streams and hoping that the rays of gold will shineth through the x-church windows enabling me to sit back, relax and bathe in eternal affluence. I’ve always been fascinated by the corporate world and how far removed it feels from many people’s experiences of day to day life. I hope to resist the cramp of low-wage capitalism, to drift away from the need to earn’.

‘If I keep going on and on and on and on and on all the time, then, perhaps, something might come good? I use a broken record repetition method as a tactic with a hope of manifesting personal affluence by thinking/saying aloud words and mantras such as ‘the wealth’ ‘the wealth’ ‘the wealth’ and ‘the money’ ‘the money’ ‘the money’ ‘the money’ ‘the money’ ‘the money’ ‘the money’ over and over again’.

‘Maybe this will play a part in my becoming affluent financially, enabling the means to drip in the purest gold, platinum and palladium? I dream that everyone who encounters Wealth Streams will be wealthy and shall bathe in the glow. I believe that there’s a hint of light shimmering through the capitalist skies’.

Renshaw employs an ongoing strategy of blurring the lines between fact and fiction which is evident in the temporary re-naming of an x-church to the Wealth Streams Development Agency (WSDA).