Artists Sophie Bullock and Sophie Huckfield are ‘The Ambience Factory’, a faux corporate mindfulness business, whose remit is to ease its client’s work anxiety through satirising the techniques of the ‘McMindfulness’ movement and developing “stress relieving” products and digital technologies.

We are currently developing new video performance works, manipulating marketing and advertising tropes to promote our new vacuous self-help brand.

Our project intends to play on the ambiguity and contradictory language and philosophy of mindfulness employed by corporate institutions as self-management techniques and the abstraction of labour. We are collaborating with academics from the Contemporary Philosophy of Technology Research Group (CPTRG) at the University of Birmingham, funded through the Alumni Impact Fund.

With the project developed as a response to the research of the CPTR
group, we aim to playfully respond to academic research, often inaccessible to non-academic audiences.