( Arts Council funded.)

When asked to come up with some Proposals for the QEDJ woods, it was the
previous users of the site which fascinated me and the traces they had left
behind them. Going right back into Prehistory the archaeology of this site is
amazing, both for its finds and Crop Marks which have yielded stone bronze
and iron objects as well as configurations of earth banks.
The work is situated at the Woodland Trust’s flagship Jubilee Woods at
Normanton le Heath in Leicestershire .

The circular earthwork now & then beside the pond differs from an
amphitheatre and has no parallel seats . Instead it has steps that spiral
downwards to connect us with different archaeological layers as we progress
down into the past, and up again into the light.
The English Oaks recently planted will surround it in years to come and are not
only well loved by people, but are immensely important to wildlife .
There is also an inner ring of indigenous natural bushes such as ,Wild
Privet, Dog Rose, Hazel, Buckthorn, Holly and Hawthorn which were chosen to
provide food and shelter for birds.