How to customise My Opportunities on Axisweb

Published: 08 March 2016

As artists we have all spent countless hours trawling lists, forums and websites, trying to find a suitable opportunity.

Below, we will walk you through the relevant customisation steps to create your very own My Opportunities on Axisweb.

Note - to set up My Opportunities on Axisweb you must be a subscribing Professional or Opportunity member.

What is My Opportunities on Axisweb?

My Opportunities on Axisweb takes the hassle out of finding the right art opportunity.  It gives an artist:

  • peace of mind (we make sure they are appropriate for artists),

  • clarity (we make sure there are no hidden fees) and

  • more time (we do the work so you can be an artist).

Subscribe to get My Opportunities (if you haven’t already)

Membership subscription starts from just £1.50 per month, and takes minutes to set up.  

Subscribe now>

Configure My Opportunities settings

Subscription sorted, now we can get going.

  1. Sign in

  2. Go to My Dashboard > My Opportunities

  3. Click ‘options to personalise’

  4. Select:

    1. Choose if and when you want to get alerts via email
    2. Tick the type of opportunities you're interested in
    3. Tick options around the fee status of opportunities
    4. Tick where you’re willing to go
    5. Save changes 


If you’re a Pro Member, then My Opportunities will also use data from your Profile to highlight relevant opportunities.

See the highlights

Once setup you will be presented with ‘Highlights’, these are opportunities that match the options you have selected.  Just click to view more details about any of the Opportunities listed.

Now it’s your turn

Time to put these customisation tips into practice.

Need help?  Just get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Author: Axisweb

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