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Published: 22 July 2016

We recognise that the cost of living is increasing and times are difficult for many Artists. So by utilising the power of the Axisweb Membership we can access schemes that help and hopefully save you money. This was our aim with introducing insurance and an ambition of our Vacant Space programme.

About Membership Rewards

Our Membership Rewards programme is run in partnership with LogBuy and will give Axisweb members access to exclusive discounts and special offers for many of life's essentials.  

Offers are from a variety of big and small, global and local brands.

This scheme is normally exclusively offered to large organisations as part of their employee benefits package. However LogBuy have recognised the value and importance of the Axisweb Membership and so agreed to extend these benefits to our network.


As an Axisweb Member (no additional fees required) you will be given exclusive access to the LogBuy portal.  Personal data is secure and is not given to any third party.

Savings are available on a variety of items from buying a new computer, to getting a better deal on broadband and even money off your weekly essentials at the supermarket.

If used you can recoup your Axisweb Membership fee in money saved from items you would normally purchase.

What happens next

Axisweb members will receive an invitation direct from LogBuy. You will not start receiving hundreds of emails with offers. You stay in control, you search for the offer via the LogBuy portal and then follow it up.

If you’re not interested just ignore the invitation - nothing will happen, except the occasional invitation reminder.

Who benefits?

Membership Rewards is exclusively for Axisweb Members Only. So you must have a current subscription as a Directory Member, Axis Network Associate (includes Insurance) or Opportunity Finder.

If your Axisweb Membership expires then access to Membership Rewards will also expire.

Not an Axisweb Member?

Membership gives you access to a wide range of benefits to support members throughout their career cycle. Options include:

Directory Member (£1.75 per month) - A select listing of artists, makers and art professionals profiled and promoted through Axisweb. Learn more >

Network Associate (£2.50 per month) - Join one of the largest artist networks and access Public and Product Liability + Professional Indemnity Insurance. Learn more >

Opportunity Finder (£1.75 per month) - Helping you quickly and easily find relevant opportunities. Learn more >

Or get the Membership Bundle and save 25% (£4.50 per month). Learn more >

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