Axisweb has just announced our awards programme for 2020

Published: 22 January 2020

Our motivation for starting the programme is born from our experience as artists and working with artists, and considering the needs for artists to have greater access to opportunities that provide a pathway for building capacity and developing their artistic practice.

Axisweb Awards 2020 aims to enrich our Members' engagement and focus. At Axisweb, we work to connect artists with career-enhancing resources, our Awards programme seeks to underpin this through paid opportunities, professional networking and collaborations.

To reflect the diversity and idiosyncratic nature of artists' practice we have created several award streams. These have been designed to consider the various funding requirements of artists and support them based on their needs and priorities.

Our awards will range from £50 to £2,500. The very nature of our awards / micro-grants mean they act as an intervention to support artists at a timely point in their practice.

The 2020 programme is 100% self-funded. Our long-term ambition is to actively work with our members and develop new partnerships that will enable us to expand our capacity and ability to fund more awards. We see the opportunity to make a significant shift, to support more artists and develop more successful initiatives.

Throughout 2020 we will make announcements of successful artists and when each Award stream is open.

For more information see Axisweb Awards 2020 >

If you are interested in supporting or becoming a future partner and would like to have a conversation, please email [email protected]

Mark Smith Mark Smith

Executive Director of Axisweb

[email protected]

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